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Complex numbers is a mathematical concept providing solutions to equations such as [math]x^2 = -1[/math]. In FPC's default runtime library the unit uComplex defines a type complex and lots of operator and other functions. u in uComplex stands for the Greek letter μ, meaning “micro”, as the implementation is kept as simple as possible.

In extended Pascal, which FPC plans to implement one day, the data type complex is defined as part of the language.

program complexDemo(input, output, stderr);
	x, y: complex;
	// specifying real and imaginary part
	x := -5 + 2 * i;
	// specifying magnitude and phase angle
	// y := sqrt(2) * (cos(pi/4) + i * sin(pi/4)) :=  1; :=  1;
	x := x + y;
	// there is no toString functionality:
	writeLn('x = ',, ' + ',, 'i');

see also

  • DMath, a mathematical library also containing a complex number implementation
  • LMath, further development of LMath library, with completer support for complex numbers, where operators over them are defined.
  • NumLib documentation, where typ.complex is an object

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