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== Overview ==
#redirect [[lazdbexport]]
fpdbexport lets you export datasets to various formats.
== FPC ==
fpdbexport is part of the FreePascal FCL database modules.
It provides a template class for descendants that can provide export of datasets.
Also included are various ready-made descendants for:
* CSV format
* DBF format; see [[fpdbfexport]]
* Fixed with text files
* RTF/rich text format
* Simple JSON
* Simple XML format
* SQL insert statements
* TeX format
* Various XML formats; see [[fpXMLXSDExport]]
== Extensibility ==
As indicated, developers can write their own export classes using the fpdbexport framework. An example of this is the Excel/spreadsheet format exporter in [[FPSpreadsheet#Dataset export |FPSpreadsheet]]
== Import ==
There is no corresponding import to dataset code in FPC/Lazarus, but there is third party code like dbimport (https://bitbucket.org/reiniero/smalltools/src, directory dbimport). DbImport is used in the LazSQLX and TurboBird database management tools for importing CSV (like) data into datasets.
== Lazarus ==
In Lazarus, the export components are not installed by default. Installation gives a ''Data Export'' tab.
== Example ==
See the examples in your FPC source directory $(fpcdir)\source\packages\fcl-db\tests (see [[Databases#Running_FPC_database_tests]]), specifically testdbexport.pas.
== See also ==
* [[fpdbfexport]] Part of fpDBExport; exports to DBF files
* [[fpXMLXSDExport]] Part of fpDBExport; exports to various XML formats.
[[Category:Data import and export]]

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