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In preparation


FullDemo screenshot

Comprehensive library with more than 30 components for color selection in several color models (RGB, CYMK, HSV, HSL, CIE-Lab). The components can be combined to create numerous new tools and color dialogs.


  • Original author: Marco Binic
  • Lazarus port: Werner Pamler


Original license text by Marco Binic from the file Readme.rtf in the installation folder: "License is granted to use, modify and redistribute these units in your applications as you see fit. You are given COMPLETE FREEDOM with the sources found in this pack; you're free to use it in ANY kind of app without even mentioning my name, my site or any other stuff, that depends on your good will and nothing else. I will accept any modifications and incorporate them in this pack if they'll help make it better. You are under NO obligation to pay for these components to neither me nor anyone else trying to sell them in their current form. If you wish to support development of these components you can do so by contributing some source or making a donation, again this solely depends on your good will."


Demo projects

Two demo projects are contained in the folder examples of the component installation directory:

  • fulldemo shows application of all the components included in the mbColorLib.
  • trackbars demonstrates all trackbar color selectors.

Download and installation

Change Log

Version 2.2

  • Initial commit of the library to the Lazarus Components and Code Repository. It is based on the last published Delphi version 2.0.1 available from http://mxs.bergsoft.net. In the Lazarus version Delphi support has been dropped.