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The ncurses unit gives a straight translation of the ncurses library header files, as well as some extra units, making programming ncurses a bit easier. Some of these units have been programmed by Ken J. Wright.

The following units are available:

  • ncurses The actual translation of the ncurses library header files.
  • nCrt An implementation of the crt unit based on the curses library. It should be a complete replacement for the standard CRT unit, and should run on most terminals.
  • oCrt An object oriented wrapper around the CRT unit.
  • menu A unit implementing a menu system.
  • panel a unit which interfaces to the 'panel' library on linux, which handles overlapping windows.

The following test programs are also available:

  • db demo ocrt demo for simulated database input.
  • Edit Demo ocrt demo - implements an editor.
  • ocrt demo simple ocrt demo.
  • screen demo Demonstrate Linux screen saving/restoring with oCrt.
  • testn simple ncrt demo.
  • firework ncurses demo.

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