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With current Lazarus, it is possible to compile and install IDE packages using the lazbuild tool. See lazbuild

For completeness/reference, the old version of this article is presented below.


Warning: Old information below. There is a much easier way to install packages in current Lazarus.

Old version/manual install

To manually install a package in the IDE you need the following

  • compiled lazbuild (LCL, components, lazbuild)
  • all required packages must be setup and compiled
  • the .lpk file must be registered
  • setup the $HOME/.lazarus/ file (or corresponding file in your primary config path)
  • setup $HOME/.lazarus/idemake.cfg (or corresponding file in your primary config path)
  • compile the package with lazbuild
  • execute make idepkg


The easiest way is to install the package in the IDE, copy the needed files to the target directory/filesystem and adapt the filenames.

Compile lazbuild

Install FPC and lazarus - or do a make lazbuild. See .

Compile and register the required packages

Do the steps on this page recursively until only the base Lazarus packages are needed.

Register the .lpk file

The IDE must find the .lpk file for a packagename. It searches the .lpk file in the following places:

  • In the $HOME/.lazarus/packagefiles.xml file
  • In the <lazarus_path>/packager/globallinks/

Setup the $HOME/.lazarus/ file

Create this file if it does not exist. Add the packagename plus a comma to this file. For example this file can look like this:


Setup $HOME/.lazarus/idemake.cfg

The idemake.cfg contains the compile parameters. The easiest way to create this file is to install the package in a IDE and then copy the file to the target machine and adapt the file paths.

Please note that under Windows you need to place idemake.cfg into Lazarus directory (e.g. C:\Lazarus\) instead of your user profile directory. Note: May 2012 BigChimp: is this still true? I found it in my primary config path!!

Compile the package with lazbuild

lazbuild path_to_package.lpk

Execute make idepkg

cd path_to_lazarus
make idepkg
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