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CRT is a unit providing subroutines for programming in text mode. It is similar to ncurses C library. It's intention is to be compatible with the Borland Pascal / Turbo Pascal 7 CRT unit.

Procedures and Functions


Function KeyPressed: Boolean;          
Function ReadKey: Char;


Procedure TextMode (Mode: word);        
Procedure Window(X1,Y1,X2,Y2: Byte);    
Procedure Window32(X1,Y1,X2,Y2: DWord); 
Procedure ClrScr;                       
Procedure ClrEol;                       
Procedure InsLine;                      
Procedure DelLine;                      
Procedure TextColor(Color: Byte);       
Procedure TextBackground(Color: Byte);  
Procedure LowVideo;                     
Procedure HighVideo;                    
Procedure NormVideo;

Cursor Control:

Procedure cursoron;                     
Procedure cursoroff;                    
Procedure cursorbig;                    
Procedure GotoXY(X,Y: tcrtcoord);       
Procedure GotoXY32(X,Y: DWord);         
Function WhereX: tcrtcoord;            
Function WhereY: tcrtcoord;            
Function WhereX32: DWord;              
Function WhereY32: DWord;


Procedure Sound(Hz: Word);              
Procedure NoSound;

Delay: (Typically used with sound)

Procedure Delay(MS: Word);


Procedure AssignCrt(var F: Text);

Variables and Constants

Color Constants:

  Black        =   0;
  Blue         =   1;
  Green        =   2;
  Cyan         =   3;
  Red          =   4;
  Magenta      =   5;
  Brown        =   6;
  LightGray    =   7;
  DarkGray     =   8;
  LightBlue    =   9;
  LightGreen   =  10;
  LightCyan    =  11;
  LightRed     =  12;
  LightMagenta =  13;
  Yellow       =  14;
  White        =  15;
  Blink        = 128;