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DWARF (Debugging With Attributed Record Formats) is a debugging data format. Dwarf is needed when debugging with FpDebug.

Debugging information is generated by the compiler together with the machine code. Debugging information is read by the debugger. Debugging information is a representation of the relationship between the executable program and the original source code. This information is encoded into a pre-defined format and stored alongside the machine code.

The FPC provides the following DWARF-compatible debugging information with command line parameters:

  • -gw Generate DWARFv2 debug information (same as -gw2)
  • -gw2 Generate DWARFv2 debug information
  • -gw3 Generate DWARFv3 debug information
  • -gw4 Generate DWARFv4 debug information

Missing dwarf-style debugging-data-format will result in a message: