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Note: External tools are global, not project specific.


This name is is shown in the IDE menu.


The full path to the tool. For example:



The command line parameters. For example:

 -l test.pas

Working Directory

The directory, where to start the tool. All relative paths will be relative to this.


Scan output for FPC messages

Parse the output for FPC messages and jump to errors.

Hide main form

Unknown what this does. Does this hide the main form of the Lazarus IDE?

Scan output for make messages

Parse the output for make messages and jump to errors.


Define the shortcut for this tool. This is optional.


You can use macros in the programfilename, the parameters and the working directory.

See IDE Macros in paths and filenames.


Add a function to checkout Lazarus sources from the repository. This example shows how to do this if you are on windows and have tortoisesvn installed. First create a batch-file in the folder lazarus\tools. (e.g lazarus\tools\checkout_lazarus_win.bat)

tortoiseproc /command:checkout /url:"" /path:"..\"

Then choose <Tools><Configure External Tools> from the lazarus main menu and setup the following.

  • Title: Checkout Lazarus
  • Program Filename: $LazarusDir()\tools\checkout_lazarus_win.bat
  • Working Directory: $LazarusDir()\tools\

If you want to add an additional function to update the Lazarus sources from repository, then you can create another batch-file with the following content.

tortoiseproc /command:update /path:"..\"