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== Issues with X.Y.Z-rc1 ==
== Issues with X.Y.Z-rc1 ==
[[Category:FPC Issues]]

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Issues with X.Y.Z release candidates

This page is supposed to contain all issues discovered while testing release candidates and their status. Make sure to include information about the platform where the problem appears (if applicable). Once the issue gets resolved, you should strike it over and add number of SVN revision fixing it. If the revision number refers to a SVN repository different from "fpc" (i.e. "fpcbuild" or "fpcdocs"), include information about the SVN repository too.


  1. cpu-os: IE209101221 while compiling XYZ.pas - r123456
  2. docs: missing description of XYZ
  3. readme.txt: wrong version number - r654321 (fpcbuild)

Issues with X.Y.Z-rc1