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LazMapViewer is a component for embedding maps obtained from the internet, such as Google maps or OpenStreetView, into a Lazarus form.


The initial version of the package was written by Maciej Kaczkowski and later improved by members of the Lazarus forum.


Modified LGPL (with linking exception, like Lazarus LCL)

Download and Installation

Development version

Use an svn client to download the current trunk version from svn:// Alternatively download the zipped snapshot from and unzip it to some folder.

Release version

Occasionally, release versions are made available via the Online Package Manager for easy one-click-installation directly from Lazarus.


In Lazarus, go to "Package" > "Open Package File .lpk". Navigate to the folder with the LazMapViewer sources, and select lazmapviewerpkg.lkp. Click "Compile", then "Use" > "Install". This will rebuild the IDE (it may take some time). When the process is finished the IDE will restart, and you'll find the MapViewer in the palette Misc.

There are optional, supporting packages to extend the basic functionality. They must be installed in the same way, after lazmapviewerpkg.lpk.

Package file name contained components purpose
lazmapviewerpkb.lpk TMapView main component to display maps
TMvGeoNames access to geo coordinates of cities
TMvDEFpc default download engine using the internal fpc routines
lazmapviewer_synapse.lpk TMvDESynapse alternative download engine based on the Synapse library
lazmapviewer_rgbgraphics.lpk TMvRGBGraphicsDrawingEngine Alternative drawing engine based on the RGBGraphics package
lazmapviewer_bgra.lpk TMvBGRADrawingEngine Alternative drawing engine based on the BGRABitmap package