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Full name: Vincent Snijders

Email: vsnijders at

IRC nick: fpcfan, you can use your browser as IRC client.

My goal is to make lazarus as good on windows as it is on linux (or even better).

I build daily snapshots of the lazarus source and installers for win32, linux and Mac OSX. For more information see Lazarus Snapshots Downloads. I am considering moving those builds into Jenkins. I am keeping some notes at User:Vincent/fpcbuildserver.

Some links to help me create wiki pages (maybe to be moved to a help page):

Syntax highlighting

Templates for new pages (component release pages):


My stylesheet: User:Vincent/monobook.css

My personal lazarus todo list.

User:Vincent/Mediawiki customizations

Creating SID Chroot

Creating a Fedora Chroot


exim help


query resolved issues.

SELECT count(*) FROM `mantis_bug_table`  
where (fixed_in_version='0.9.28' or 
fixed_in_version='0.9.27 (SVN)' or 
fixed_in_version=' (SVN)' or 
fixed_in_version='' )
and status>=80

query copy versions from lazarus project (id=1) to packages (3) and patches (7)

insert into `mantis_project_version_table` 
(`project_id`, `version`, `date_order`, `description`, `released`)
select 3, version, date_order, '' as description, released
from `mantis_project_version_table` vp1
where project_id=1 and date_order > '2012-01-01'
        and not exists
        (select id
         from `mantis_project_version_table` vp3
         where vp3.project_id=3 and vp1.version=vp3.version)