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This is a page for reminders with regard to release engineering and the next "major" FPC version. Mostly it is a list of reminders which deprecated functionality can be removed.

2.8.x (working title for 1st major release after 2.6 series)

  • Remove deprecated functions in unit "unix" - these have been deprecated since before 2007.
  • remove deprecated functions from unixutils. (deprecated during the 2.4.0 release preparation)
  • sockets unit has old non fp functions under ifdef. Can be removed at any time.
  • Linux stat record cleanup? Has been deprecated for at least the whole 2.6 cycle.
  • sockets inaddr unit has non standard fieldnames from 1.0.x time in union (roughly same issue as linux stat. Has been deprecated for a while too.

3.0.0 (2nd major release after 2.6 series)

  • review all deprecations in unix/ dir again. Most are relatively unused and harmless.
  • remove deprecated htons(signed) functions in sockets (unsigned ones introduced after 2.6.2)