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ATBinHex is a control that implements the quick file (stream) viewer. Only visible part of file (or stream) is loaded into viewer, so it's suitable to show files of unlimited size.

Original Delphi code is used for a long time inside "Universal Viewer" application.

Author: Alexey Torgashin

Limitations of Lazarus port

  • Some features disabled via (searching of text, printing, regex hiliting of URLs).
  • Removed method OpenFile, it used Win API, now use OpenStream instead.

View modes

There are 5 view modes available:

Text: file is shown in text form

atbinhex ModeText.gif

Binary: file is shown in binary form (with fixed line length)

atbinhex ModeBinary.gif

Hex: file is shown in hex dump

atbinhex ModeHex.gif

Unicode: Unicode contents of file is shown

atbinhex ModeUnicode.gif

Unicode/Hex: combined Hex and Unicode modes

atbinhex ModeUHex.gif



Lazarus: 1.4.0.

Tested on: Windows 7, QT (Win7), Linux GTK2 (Ubuntu 14.04), MacOS X 10.8.