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ATGauge is OS-independant progress indicator component. It's like Delphi TGauge. The same properties (with some addons) but totally new code (it's much smaller that D7's one). It has class name and properties, compatible with Delphi 7 version, but different unit name.


"Kind" property supports same kinds as D7:

  • only text
  • horiz bar
  • vert bar
  • needle (half-circle)
  • pie (full circle)

Author: Alexey Torgashin (Russia)


MPL 2.0 or LGPL.


Homepage at github:

Prop ShowTextInverted

This prop is for look like Delphi.

  • Off: text ("20%") painted with color Font.Color at all places. This is fast.
  • On: text painted with inverted color regarding image under it. Font.Color ignored. Temp bitmap is created (with a size of text), then temp-bitmap is copied over image-bitmap with Canvas.CopyMode=cmSrcInvert. This is slower and don't work on Linux Gtk2 (I see pixelated text over green bar). This's ok on Win32 (note: ClearType not used here) and QT.