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ATTabs is a tab-control component for Delphi and Lazarus. It's not replacement for standard tab control, but is alternative one, it has different API. It paints tabs OS-indenendant, using custom drawing on canvas.


ATTabs demo.png

Author: Alexey Torgashin


GitHub repo has the history.txt file which lists all major changes.


  • Lazarus: 1.8+.
  • Tested on: Windows, Linux GTK2/Qt, macOS.

How to use it like TPageControl

Make some new panel, which will be like TPageControl. Place ATTabs on it, make Align=alTop. Now you create several Forms or Frames onto this panel (they have Parent:=Panel1; Align:=alClient;). How to switch these frames on changing tabs?

  • Add tabs OnChange event handler.
  • In this event handler: a) hide all frames, b) show frame, which is assigned to current TabIndex.

When you create a new tab, you can set its TabObject property. Set TabObject to a frame. When OnChange is called, get TabIndex, call GetTabData() for this index, and read TabObject for this tab. Show the frame, which is stored in this TabObject, hide all others.

    d: TATTabData;
    d:= t.GetTabData(t.TabIndex);
    if Assigned(d) then
      (d.TabObject as TMyFrame).Show;


License: MPL 2.0. Also you can use it under LGPL.


ATTabs is merged into ATFlatControls repo: . Some wiki documentation is in the "wiki" subfolder of that repo.