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ATTabs is a tab-control component for Delphi and Lazarus. It's not replacement for standard tab control, but is alternative one, it has different API. It paints tabs OS-indenendant, using custom drawing on canvas.


ATTabs demo.png

Author: Alexey Torgashin


GitHub page has help files, which describe most of events/properties. It also shows sample code how to create tabs at runtime.

How to use it like TPageControl

Make some new panel, which will be like TPageControl. Place ATTabs on it, make Align=alTop. Now you create several Forms or Frames onto this panel (they have Parent:=Panel1; Align:=alClient;). How to switch these frames on changing tabs?

  • Add tabs OnChange event handler.
  • In this event handler: a) hide all frames, b) show frame, which is assigned to current TabIndex.

When you create a new tab, you can set its TabObject property. Set TabObject to a frame. When OnChange is called, get TabIndex, call GetTabData() for this index, and read TabObject for this tab. Show the frame, which is stored in this TabObject, hide all others.

    d: TATTabData;
    d:= t.GetTabData(t.TabIndex);
    if Assigned(d) then
      (d.TabObject as TMyFrame).Show;


License: MPL 2.0. Also you can use it under LGPL.


Latest version is always at You can install it into IDE, or not do it (just copy file attabs.pas to your project).


Lazarus: 1.6+.

Tested on: Windows, Linux GTK2/QT, macOS (10.8).