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0xsp mongoose RED

0xsp-Mongoose is a unique framework for cybersecurity simulation and red teaming operations, windows auditing for newer vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and privilege escalations attacks, replicate the tactics and techniques of an advanced adversary in a network.


HTML2TXT is an open-source Win32 command-line tool to extract plain text from single web pages (HTML files). (The link is dead unfortunately.)


PDFDUMP is an open-source Win32 command-line tool to convert plain text into a single-page PDF file with a choice of any of three font types and any of three font sizes (without any dependency on third-party libraries) (the link is dead unfortunately).


neol is a simple cross-platform tool to convert line-endings in textfiles.
The program has a dependency on LazUtils package, as wel as on one or more units found in my collection of units.