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CyberUnits is a collection of cross-platform units for medical cybernetics and systems biology. It supports Object Pascal, S and Matlab.

Author: Johannes W. Dietrich, (c) Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, (c) University of Ulm Hospitals, (c) Ruhr University of Bochum

License: BSD license. It may therefore be used in both free open source software and commercial products.




Bricks is the first component of the CyberUnits repository. Bricks is a class library that facilitates rapid programming of high-performance computer simulations in life sciences, technical cybernetics and related fields. It supports numeric simulations in time domain and characterisation of systems or subsystems in frequency domain. Additionally, it contains a powerful Systems Diagram unit that provides classes for drawing block diagrams of feedback loops and other information processing structures, ready for integration in new or existing programs.

Possible applications of CyberUnits Bricks include but are not limited to control systems engineering, medical cybernetics, systems biology, bioinformatics, systems dynamics and synthetic biology.


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