Detailed 2.1.0 branch todo

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This page is outdated, the current todo is at: Detailed 2.2.0 Todo Compiler

  • (optional) integrate sparc binary writer (Florian)
  • tobjectdef and tprocvardef.getcopy (Florian)
  • PIC code (Florian)
  • packages (Florian/Peter)
  • Module handling rewrite (Peter/Florian)
  • better register allocation for register variables (Jonas)
  • (optional) smartlinking using sections (Peter)
  • (optional) full dwarf support (Florian>
  • cleanup of $ifdef GDB (Peter)
  • Crosscompiling to Mac OS X (Marco)
  • Remove reference counting from widestrings, use windows memory manager for widestrings (Florian)
  • rewrite assigning of automated types like variants and widestrings (Florian)
  • complete unique type support (Florian)
  • WinCE_port, arm-wince support
  • PowerPC64_Port, powerpc64-linux support


  • mach-o support in lineinfo unit (Jonas)
  • 64-bit file support (Win32 done)