FPCupDeLuxe install on Linux cheatsheet

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long story short:

  • install Lazarus via apt or some other package-manager
  • download, unzip and compile fpcupdeluxe - or use fpcupdeluxe-binary and omit steps 1 and 3
  • purge the above Lazarus
  • now use fpcupdeluxe to install an isolated Laz: choose trunk, x86_64, linux, trunk and click the green thumbs-up button.
  • fpc, the actual Pascal compiler, will not be in the searchpath, hence make will require extra parameters; a mere make all won't work now.
  • Use the provided launcher in ~ or home/YOU/Desktop (.desktop file) to run "startlazarus" employing a --pcp directive to keep multiple Lazaruses apart.
  • This method may or may not succeed. It can be made to work though.

Likely problems to occur

Since the Mint / Ubuntu Laz package and f.deluxe do not harmonize, you will very likely end up with 2 compilers in $PATH if you mix f-deluxe, make from sources and apt methods. Do ls to verify in case that nothing ever compiles due to "unit not found" errors :

 ls -l /usr/bin/fpc-3.0.0       ##   mv /xx 
 ls -l /usr/local/bin/fpc       ##   <---  which fpc   -- must remain !

Move /usr/bin/fpc* out of the path e.g.

sudo mv -f /usr/bin/fpc* /xxbroken

After IDE restart, everything compiles nicely.

Light bulb  Note: This condition can also be found via clicking project options button, then Test Test-button to find problematic path settings.

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