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O LazDoc é um editor/visualizador integrado para Lazarus. Itens descritos aqui e que usam o LazDoc requer que você esteja familiarizado com o FPDoc. Para mais informações veja: Free Pascal manual da ferramenta de documentação

Onde achar o LazDoc?

O LazDoc é integrado à IDE do Lazarus. Ele está no menu Exibir ou VIEW para quem tem a versão em inglês.


Usar o LazDoc é muito simples.

1. Set the search path for LazDoc in the Project | Project Options dialog, under the LazDoc tabpage.

2. Open or select a file for which documentation exists.

3. Open the LazDoc editor. You can find it under the menu View.

4. Place and move the cursor. After placing the cursor on the source editor, you will notice that the caption of the LazDoc form changes. The caption shows the source element selected and the filename of the documentation file. By selecting the appropriate page in LazDoc you can edit a specific documentation tag. Of course it is also possible to use LazDoc only as a viewer.

Future plans

The todo list currently contains the following items, in no particular order:

  • Make LazDoc create new elements in documentation
  • Make LazDoc create new documentation files
  • Add documentation tags "topic" to LazDoc
  • Add more source elements to be interpreted by LazDoc using exisiting codetools (now procedure/function/constructor/destructor are supported)
  • Add LazDoc to IDE settings (showing and position in IDE)
  • Use IPC for communication
  • Make LazDoc work on keydown in sourceeditor (broken)
  • Make LazDoc a WYSIWYG editor, comparable to a richtext editor.
  • Add a HTML viewer; LazDoc will generate the documentation automatically


  • Adding a small toolbar makes it possible to use the available makeup tags.
  • Add documentation tags "seealso" to LazDoc
  • Make it work for fpc sources (rtl files already exist)
  • Add settings to environment menu
  • Make it work on project files also
  • Propose to expand documentation tags with: "todo" and "notes" (no need for that, as there are alternatives)
  • Reduce overhead even further
  • Find inherited entries. For example TControl.Align of TButton.Align.
  • Optimization: inherited Entries are parsed on idle.
  • Optimization: xml files are cached, and only parsed once or if they changed on disk