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Unit: Lazarus fileutil.

To enable FileUtil in your project, please add LazUtils into required packages. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Lazarus IDE Menu > Project > Project Inspector
  • In the Project Inspector dialog window, click Add > New Requirement
  • In the New Requirement dialog window, find LazUtils package then click OK.

See also:

procedure FindAllFiles(AList: TStrings; const SearchPath: String;
  SearchMask: String = ''; SearchSubDirs: Boolean = True; DirAttr: Word = faDirectory); 

function FindAllFiles(const SearchPath: String; SearchMask: String = '';
  SearchSubDirs: Boolean = True): TStringList;

FindAllFiles looks for files matching the SearchMask in the SearchPath directory and, if specified, its subdirectories, and populates a stringlist with the resulting filenames.

The mask can be a single mask like you can use with the FindFirst/FindNext functions, or it can consist of a list of masks, separated by a semicolon (;).
Spaces in the mask are treated as literals.

Parameter DirAttr is int file attribute: if file-system item has this attribute(s), it is considered as a directory. It can be faDirectory, faSymLink, (faDirectory+faSymLink) or maybe another bits can be used.

There are two overloaded versions of this routine. The first one is a procedure and assumes that the receiving stringlist already has been created. The second one is a function which creates the stringlist internally and returns it as a function result. In both cases the stringlist must be destroyed by the calling procedure.


  ..., FileUtil, ...
  PascalFiles: TStringList;
  PascalFiles := TStringList.Create;
    FindAllFiles(PascalFiles, LazarusDirectory, '*.pas;*.pp;*.p;*.inc', true); //find e.g. all pascal sourcefiles
    ShowMessage(Format('Found %d Pascal source files', [PascalFiles.Count]));

// or

  //No need to create the stringlist; the function does that for you
  PascalFiles := FindAllFiles(LazarusDirectory, '*.pas;*.pp;*.p;*.inc', true); //find e.g. all pascal sourcefiles
    ShowMessage(Format('Found %d Pascal source files', [PascalFiles.Count]));

IMPORTANT NOTE: The function "FindAllFiles" creates the stringlist internally. This may look very convenient at first sight, but it is very easy to create memory leaks that way:

  // DON'T EVER DO THIS !!!! - There is no way to destroy the stringlist created by FindAllFiles.
  Listbox1.Items.Assign(FindAllFiles(LazarusDirectory, '*.pas;*.pp;*.p;*.inc', true);

Note: If you want to use this function in command line programs, add a project requirement for LCLBase, which will not pull in the entire LCL