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Paul Nicholls has been doing some extensive work on the GP2X platform. As a result it is now possible to compile for the hand-held media & gaming system by Korean-based company, Gamepark.

GP2X port


  • ARM for Linux CPU is supported.

Port notes

The fpc 4 GP2X Initiative site has been updated. There is now an example SDL program that can be compiled and run under Win32 (and other freepascal platforms) and the GP2X.

There is also documentation in rich-text format showing how to setup the devkitGP2X and freepascal cross-compiler ready for compiling programs for the GP2X.

This means you can now create and compile SDL programs that run under Win32 AND the gp2x platform! :-)


A huge thanks to Eugene Proshkin who lurks in the gp32x forums for showing me how it was possible to compile GP2X programs using a freepascal cross-compiler.

He created a program for the GP2X called blocks (

He sent me an email as a starting point containing an example fpc.cfg file, the batch file to compile the FPC source code, what devkitGP2X file paths were needed, and what devkitGP2X files .so files needed modifying.

He also sent me a batch file to compile the project files to create the .gpe file.


  • documentation: how to setup the devkitGP2X and freepascal cross-compiler to compile pascal programs for the GP2X