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Graphical user interface (GUI) is program that enables a person to communicate with electronic devices such as computers, smart phone, hand-held devices and other appliances through the use of symbols, visual metaphors, and pointing devices (such as a mouse, stylus, trackball, touchpad, a finger, or gesture ).

The graphical user interface consists of user interface components, such as windows or forms (e.g.TForm), menus (e.g. TMainMenu, TPopupMenu), radio buttons (e.g. TRadioButton, TRadioGroup), check boxes (e.g. TCheckBox, TCheckGroup) and icons.

The first graphical user interface programmed with Pascal was made for Apple Lisa in 1983 (see more Lisa Pascal programming language).

The Lazarus development environment is a good example of how to use the Graphical User Interface. More examples can be found in the Projects using Lazarus software category pages.

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