How to become Lazarus developer (committer)

From Lazarus wiki

You need to contribute at least 10-20 non-trivial and good quality patches (they can fix some bugs from the tracker or implement the new features). Better if your patches will be reviewed by more than one developer - more voices will support you candidacy. After that ask some developer to give you write access.

By creating patches you will demonstrate your

  • commitment to the project (10+ good patches requires a lot of your valuable time),
  • ability to collaborate with the team,
  • understanding of Lazarus code base,
  • ability to write good code

A current developer asks for your candidacy by sending an email to the developer mailing list with an explanation of why you should be a developer and links to your patches. If no one objects in 3 days, you're a developer.

If anyone objects or wants more information, the developers discuss and usually come to a consensus. If issues can't be resolved, there's a vote among current developers.

Once you get approval from the existing developers, we'll send you instructions for write access to SVN. You'll also get a subscription to the developer mailing list and developer status for the bug tracker.

Most of this text is taken from Become a Chromium Committer