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The Package Graph dialog is accessible via the Lazarus IDE Main Menu > Package > Package Graph.


The package graph shows the currently loaded packages and which package uses which, and which package is used by which.


Move the mouse cursor over nodes and edges to highlight dependencies.

Click on a package to see some general information about it in the window below.


Double click on a package to open the Package Editor for this package.

Double click on a project to open the Project Inspector.

Double click on the IDE to configure the installed packages.

Packages are automatically unloaded, when they are not used anymore.


A package can have one of the following states:

  • Installed - the package is installed. An installed package is compiled into the IDE and its classes are available in the component palette.
  • AutoCreated - the package is part of the IDE, it can not be uninstalled.
  • Install on next start - the package is not yet installed, but will be compiled into the IDE and will be installed after exiting the IDE and starting the new IDE. You compile a new IDE in Tools -> Build Lazarus.
  • Uninstall on next start (unless needed by an installed package) - This package was installed automatically because it was needed by a package that was installed normally. When the normally installed package is uninstalled this package will be uninstalled as well.