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Note: For more information about the Free Pascal debugger see Debugger Status and FpDebug

LazDebuggerFpRspRemote is a debugger integrated into the IDE based on FpDebug. It inherits from LazDebuggerFp and adds the functionality to debug a remote target using gdb's remote serial protocol over tcp/ip. It is intended that simple targets with gdbserver stub implementations will be supported. Currently only the AVR target is supported. This package is not stable yet.

Installation in the IDE

Install the package LazDebuggerFpRspRemote

  • menu [Package|Install/Uninstall packages]
  • click LazDebuggerFpRspRemote in right pane, and push button [Install selection]
  • Button [Save and rebuild IDE]

Debugger specific options

Tools | Options | Debugger | Debugger backend

Select RSP [FpDebug Dwarf remote debugger - RSP]


Project | Options | Compiler Options | Debugging

Many of the options are identical to LazDebuggerFp, only the options added by LazDebuggerFpRspRemote will be listed here:

Send remote monitor commands to configure the remote gdb stub.
Option to add a breakpoint at address zero. This is intended for debugging startup code of embedded targets.
Some gdbserver stubs needs to reset the target after the firmware is uploaded. The monitor reset command can be given here.
Specify the host IP address or network name where the gdbserver stub is running. Use localhost if it is running on the same computer as the debugger instance.
The tcp/ip port to connect to.
Specify a list of Elf sections marked as loadable that should not be uploaded to the target. This could be used to skip altering fuse or EEPROM values.
If set to true, upload loadable section contents to the target before continuing with debugging. Some gdbserver stubs to not support writing to memory when in debug mode, these gdbservers must be launched with the appropriate options to load the latest executable version of the project being debugged.