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There are various official installers/packages for different platforms/OSes.

Lazarus Windows Installer

The Lazarus Windows installer is written for the Inno Setup compiler.

See here for a link to the location of the .iss file in your Lazrus directory.

Creating your own installer

You may want to create your own installer; good instructions are provided by the readme in $(LazarusDir)\tools\install\win\

Below is a list of commands interspersed with instructions/comments that is based on that readme and that was sucesfully used to build an installer from Lazarus SVN trunk (1.1 at the time) and FPC 2.6.1 (fixes 2.6).

I had installed the binutils, Lazarus and FPC first using fpcup so the paths below reflect the default fpcup paths. Of course, you can modify to your situation.

rem A.1 Inno Setup
rem I used Inno Setup version 5.5.1 (unicode). You can use Unicode Inno setup from Lazarus r38111 (thanks, Martin Friebe!)
rem but it won't support Win9x
rem If you want to support Win9x, use an Ansi Inno Setup lower than 5.5.0

rem A.3 FPC build sources:
rem Using fixes 2.6 here (the fixes to the latest stable version at this time)
cd /d c:\development
mkdir c:\development\fpcbuild
svn checkout c:\development\fpcbuild

rem A.4 Lazarus sources:
rem I've got my Lazarus sources in c:\development\lazarus (downloaded by fpcup)

rem A.5 Lazarus binaries
rem Hum, where is the svn for that? Let's see:
mkdir c:\development\lazbinaries
svn checkout c:\development\lazbinaries\

rem A.6 Latest release fpc compiler
rem I have a 2.6.0 i386 compiler in c:\development\fpcbootstrap\ppc386.exe (downloaded by fpcup)

rem B adjust C:\Development\lazarus\tools\install\win\create_installer.bat
rem didn't do that, instead set environment variables to my situation
mkdir c:\development\lazarusbuild

rem Set BUILDDIR to c:\development\lazarusbuild, by setting LAZTEMPBUILDDIR
SET LAZTEMPBUILDDIR=c:\development\lazarusbuild

rem set SVN to my situation: 
SET SVN="D:\Program Files\SlikSvn\bin\svn.exe"

rem set ISCC to my situation:
SET ISCC="D:\Program Files (x86)\Inno Setup 5\ISCC.exe"

rem check:

rem C run the script
cd /d C:\Development\lazarus\tools\install\win
create_installer.bat c:\development\fpcbuild c:\development\lazarus c:\development\lazbinaries c:\development\fpcbootstrap\ppc386.exe

The log ends up in C:\Development\lazarus\tools\install\win\installer.log The output setup.exe ends up in a subdirectory Output

Linux packages

RPM package

Lazarus is packaged as an RPM package.

deb package

Lazarus is packaged as a deb package.

macOS image/package

Lazarus is packaged as an macOS .dmg disk image (32 bit) or .pkg installation package (64 bit).