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Lazbro is HTML viewer component which is 100% Lazarus based.

Author: Derek John Evans


Website: [Defunct]

File: [Internet Archive Link]


Lazbro was written because I wasn't happy with the state of the TIpHTMLPanel control which comes with Lazarus, so as usual, if you don't like it, rewrite it.

Lazbro is still young, so it will take a few months for all the bugs to be ironed out. Most of the core features are written. For the inner design, I choose to align the HTML attributes directly to Lazarus control properties. Which means there are a number of HTML attributes which are not standard. In order to provide the best compatibility with standard HTML, I convert a subset of standard HTML attributes to the internal custom attributes. This makes for a clean/tidy implementation while providing a lot of extra layout features to get around compatibility restrictions.