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This page contains a list of major Lazarus Component Library (LCL) features that made Lazarus even more impressive. All features are sorted by the Lazarus release version that they became available in.

v0.9.22 (2007-03-26)


TrayIcon is a multi-platform System Tray component. TrayIcon used to be an optional component, but is now part of LCL since Lazarus 0.9.23 and later. You can find TrayIcon on the Addition tab of component palette. For more information go to: TrayIcon

v1.4.0 (To be released)


TEditButton and all its derivatives like TFilenameEdit, TDateEdit, TCalcEdit etc., now respect their dimensions set in designer or code. Earlier the control inherited from TCustomEdit and the button was drawn outside of the control's boundaries. Now both the edit and the button are drawn inside the boundaries.


  • Themed applications by default
  • Awesome anchoring and padding between components
  • Huge image file format support (read & write)
  • Mac OS X via Carbon widgeset
  • Custom drawn fpGUI widgetset
  • Reporting via LazReport (or should this go under IDE features)
  • Native Vista icon support (256x256 png)
  • .....