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The PUMA Repository is a collection of Pascal units for medical informatics. It contains reusable source code for a wide field of health-care application development.

License: BSD license. It allows usage in both free open source software and commercial applications.


Unit Converter

The Unit Converter is a Pascal unit that provides functions for parsing measurements that consist of numeric values and units of measurement. It also helps to convert measurements from one unit to another one.

HL7 Engine

The HL7 Engine is a set of Pascal units that provide functions for parsing and compiling Health Level 7 messages as well as for reading and writing messages as files or streams.

EDFplus Engine

This is a support engine that allows Pascal programs to read and write European Data Format (EDF and EDF+) files.


PUMA is compatible with Lazarus and Free Pascal. Some of the units also support other Pascal implementations including Delphi, winsoft Pocket Studio and other compilers.


Homepage: http://puma-repository.sourceforge.net