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This page gives some translations between C(++) and Pascal concepts.


Light bulb  Note: Logical operators (AND/OR/XOR etc) are logical or boolean depending on the type of the arguments (boolean or integer). Since Pascal had a separate boolean type from the start, boolean operators on integers were not necessary, and are always logical.
C Pascal Notes
  {     Begin    
  }     End  
  =     :=   Becomes  
  ==     =   Equal
  /     /   Float Division (Integer: div)  
  %     Mod   Modulo operation
  !     Not   Logical not
  !=     <>   Not equal  
  &&     And   Logical and
  ||     Or   Logical or
  &     And   Bitwise and
  |     Or   Bitwise or
  ^     Xor   Exclusive or
  ~     Not   One's complement
  >>     Shr   bit shift right   Note: shr is a logical bitshift, not arithmetic. If the left operand is a negative value of a signed type, then the result of an shr operation may not be what you expect.
  <<     Shl   bit shift left  
  ++     Inc  
  --     Dec  
  /*     { or (*   Comment start
  */     } or *)   Comment end
  //     //   End of line comment (only one line comment)  
  0x     $   prefix for hex-number e.g. $FFFFFF  
  0     &   prefix for oct-number e.g. &77777777  
  0b     %   prefix for bin-number e.g. %11111111  
  &     @   address operator
  *     ^   See Pointer and Pointers
  if()     If Then  
  if() else     If Then Else  
  while     While Do  
  do while     Repeat Until Not   
  do while !     Repeat Until    
  for ++     For To Do  
  for --     For Downto Do    
  switch case break     Case Of End  
  switch case break default     Case Of Else End    
  const a_c_struct *arg     Constref arg : a_c_struct    
  a_c_struct *arg     Var arg : a_c_struct    

C type Pascal type Size (bits) Range Notes
  char     Char     8-bit     ASCII
  signed char     Shortint   8-bit   -128 .. 127  
  unsigned char     Byte   8-bit   0 .. 255  
  char*     PChar   (32-bit)   Pointer to a null-terminated string  
  short int     Smallint   16-bit   -32768 .. 32767  
  unsigned short int     Word   16-bit   0 .. 65535  
  int     Integer   (16-bit or) 32-bit     -2147483648..2147483647     Generic integer types  
  unsigned int     Cardinal   (16-bit or) 32-bit     0 .. 4294967295     Generic integer types  
  long int     Longint   32-bit   -2147483648..2147483647    
  unsigned long int     Longword   32-bit   0 .. 4294967295  
  float     Single   32-bit   1.5E-45 .. 3.4E+38  
  double     Double   64-bit   5.0E-324 .. 1.7E+308  
  unsigned long long int     uInt64   64-bit   0 .. 18446744073709551616  

C type Pascal Notes
  struct { }     Record End    
  union { }     Record Case Of End     Variant Record  

C Pascal Unit
  abs     Abs     System  
  acos     ArcCos     Math  
  asin     ArcSin     Math  
  atan     ArcTan     System  
  atof     StrToFloat     SysUtils  
  atoi     StrToInt     SysUtils  
  atol     StrToInt     SysUtils  
  atoll     StrToInt64     SysUtils  
  ceil     Ceil     Math  
  cos     Cos     System  
  exp     Exp     System  
  floor     Floor     Math  
  pow     Power     Math  
  round     Round     System  
  sin     Sin     System  
  sqrt     Sqrt     System  
  strcpy     Copy     System  
  strlen     Length     System  
  tan     Tan     Math  
  toupper     UpCase     System  


C++ type Pascal Notes
  class { }     Class End    
  class: { }     Class( ) End    
  template <class T> class { }     Generic = Class<T> End    
  struct { }     Object End     If you want methods

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