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PospoLite is the free library that has components inspired by non-free ones, such as Radial Menu, Ribbon elements or UWP-like controls, that are written in FPC and using only free Lazarus packages.

Current components set

Radial Menu (package plRadials_laz)

TplxRadialMenu.png TplxRadialMenu

  Located here
  See demo
  Dependencies: BGRABitmap, SimpleTimer, Windows OS

TplxRadialMenu opened.png


GitHub repository: here
GitHub releases: here
SourceForge releases: here

Change Log

  • 05/08/2019

 GitHub repository and this page created.


Click here to read the licence.

Extending the set of components

When I finish creating new components, they will be released on GitHub and SourceForge.
If you have any ideas of component that is worth creating for PospoLite, please contact me via email or Facebook (they are given in the Contact section).



Marcin Stefanowicz (Matek)


Polish or English

You can contact me via

Email: matiowo@wp.pl
Facebook: here