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A Firebird application

The following screen shots are taken from an MSEgui Firebird database application. He states that the look and feel is identical on Linux and Windows.

mse dbwidgetgrid3.jpg

An embedded system

An embedded system for medical applications, in this case steam sterilizers, was realized with MSE-IDE & MSE-GUI for the control unit, nowadays also commonly called the "human machine interface", HMI.

State Display


StrumPract is various tools for musicians.



ideU, the ide. Universal.

ideU the universal ide.

Multi OS, multi languages, multi compilers, voice assisted.

ideU is based on MSEide by Martin Schreiber.


WavvieW. The signal producer, catcher and analyzer.

WavvieW, the signal producer, catcher and analyzer.

WavvieW analyzes the build-in noise-wave-generator-synhtesizer, audio files, input-mic and shows the result with his oscilloscope and FFT-spectrum...

wavview400x193 2.png