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TAChart 是一个用于绘制关系图的控件, 图表或其他关系图。 It is comparable in features, but not specifically compatible, with Delphi TeeChart package. One substantial difference is that some features (e.g. data sources and axis transformations) are implemented via separate components instead of just properties. This leads to increased flexibility and opportunity for code re-use, but at the cost of some additional API complexity.

This document provides comprehensive but concise overview of TAChart concepts, features and components. For step-by-step introduction, see TAChart Tutorial: Getting started and other tutorials.

The documentation describes TAChart package in the latest development version of Lazarus. Some features may not be available in the official release yet. It is still recommended to use the latest version of this document because it contains not only new features, but fixes and improvements to old descriptions too.

Nevertheless, you can look at the the old version of this document to see a state approximately corresponding to Lazarus 1.0 release.