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I made first contact with AnchorDocking seeking a solution for getting my usual Windows Look-and-Feel in the Lazarus IDE. As a Windows user I felt annoyed by the many separate windows lying around all over my desktop and permanently becoming hidden behind other windows. Anchordocking has proven a great enhancement and I don't use any Lazarus installation without it any more - be it on Windows, macOS or Linux.

Follwing the wiki it takes some time until one realizes that the first chapter is intended for users who wish to use anchordocking in their own application. I think it would be a good idea to put a preamble with links to these two variants of using anchordocking at the top of the wiki.

I also had a quite hard time realizing what the anchordocking header is, how it looks like, where it is positioned and what to do if, for some reason, Lazarus comes up with the headers being hidden.

I'd like to add these enhancements to the wiki, if you agree it's an enhancement.