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Updated Rapid Start from jmpessoa

A rapid "get_start" for windows: "Laz4Android + lazandroidmodulewizard"

Note 1: for Linux: go to " lazandroidmodulewizard folder "...\linux" and read: "new_how_to_install_by_renabor.txt"

I. Infrastructure

Java sdk_x86 [32 bits]

Android sdk, NDK-r10c

Laz4Android [All in one!] =

FPC: 3.1.1 trunk svn 29987
             Note: required: NDK: r10c (arm-linux-androideabi-4.6 + x86-4.6)                               

Lazarus:1.5 trunk svn 47987 :
    To Install [*.7z], please, read the "Laz4Android_readme.txt"

Android NDK-r10c - this version is required by "Laz4Android"

Ant [to build Apk] Simply extract the zip file to a convenient location...

Eclipse is not mandatory! [but to facility, the Demos projects are Eclipse compatible!]

II. LAMW: Lazarus Android Module Wizard


Install ordem

tfpandroidbridge_pack.lpk lazandroidwizardpack.lpk amw_ide_tools.lpk [../ide-tools]


1. Configure Paths:

Lazarus IDE menu "Tools" ---> "[Lamw] Android Module Wizard" --> "Path Settings ..."

2. New Project

Lazarus IDE menu "Project" ---> New Project ---> JNI Android Module [Lamw GUI]

Projects workspace [yours main projecs folder or eclipse workspace]: ____________ Project Name: _____________ etc....


save all!

3. From "Android Bridge" component tab drag/drop a jTextView in jForm

set property: PosRelativeToParent = [rpTop,rpCenterHorizontal]

4. From "Android Bridge" component tab drag/drop a jButton in jForm

  • set property: Anchor = jTextView1
  • set property: PosRelativeToAnchor : [raBelow]
  • set property:PosRelativeToParent = [rpCenter]

write code for event property "OnClick" = ShowMessage('Hello!')

5. Lazarus IDE menu "Run" ---> "Buld"

6. Connect your Device to Computer [usb] and configure it to "debug mode"

"App settings" ---> more -- developer options:

  • stay awake [checked!]
  • usb debugging [checked!]
  • verify apps via usb [checked!]

7.Lazarus IDE menu "Run" ---> "[Lamw] Build Apk and Run" [Congratulations!!!]

8.PANIC!!! Fail to buid "Apk"

Try change project "AndroidManifest.xml" according your system installation....

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="15" android:targetSdkVersion="17"/>

try other target: "android:targetSdkVersion" !!

Change your project "build.xml" according...

<property name="target"  value="android-17"/>

9. How to configure a Demo to Use/Test:

.Lazarus IDE menu Open a [*.lpi] Demo Project [...\jni]

.Lazarus IDE menu "Tools" ---> "[Lamw] Android Module Wizard" --> "Change Project [*.lpi] Ndk Path"

.set your "NDK" path!

.change/edit project "build.xml" according your system..

<property name="sdk.dir" location="C:\adt32\sdk"/>

Note 2:

there are some [olds] docs: