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I have a suggestion. In Delphi -- and I know, Lazarus isn't Delphi, but still -- it's possible to load and unload packages without touching the IDE directly. This isn't just an architectural oddity, it's good design. I shouldn't have to rebuild the IDE just to use a set of components. It doesn't make sense. Perhaps someone involved with the Lazarus project can explain why it was set up this way. And even if there was a good reason for doing it this way, my suggestion is to make Lazarus a little more flexible, a little easier to set up and use. I don't want to take away from the crowd that prefers to rebuild their system every time it's modified, but for the rest of us that just want to plug-and-play, could we have the option to simply register a compiled .so and have the components contained within it made available on the palette?

Also, could someone do something about the documentation? There are parts of the wiki that honestly look like an accident. I don't have enough knowledge of Lazarus to do it myself, but the success of any development product hinges on reducing the learning curve.