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{{{2}}} {{{1}}} {{{3}}}


This template creates an external link to the git laboratory.


  1. parameter: the item kind you want to refer to
    • issue, Issue, issues
    • tree, repository
    • empty means the entire project
  2. parameter: project name
    • FP: Free Pascal project
    • FPC: Free Pascal Compiler source project
    • Documentation: Free Pascal documentation project
    • Lazarus: Lazarus source code project
  3. parameter: number
  4. parameter: optional display title, by default concatenation of second, first and third parameter


  • {{gitlab|issue|FPC|34953}} is rendered as FPC issue 34953
  • {{gitlab|repository|FPC|release_3_2_0/compiler/scanner.pas#L2157-2160|scanner.pas}} yields scanner.pas

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