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The assembler output

(last updated for fpc version 1.0.x)

All code is generated via special linked lists of instructions. The base of this is a special object, an abstract assembler which implements all directives which are usually implemented in the different assemblers available on the market. When the code generator and parser generates the final output, it is generated as a linked list for each of the sections available for the output assembler. Each entry in the linked list is either an instruction, or one of the abstract directives for the assembler.

Assembler generation organisation

The different possible sections which are output are as follows:

Internal section name Description
ExparAsmList temporary list
DataSegment initialized variables
CodeSegment instructions and general code directives
DebugList debugging information
WithDebugList ???????????????
Consts read only constants
ImportSection imported symbols
ExportSection exported symbols
ResourceSection Resource data
RttiList runtime type information data
ResourceStringList resource string data

The following directives for the abstract assembler currently exist:

Abstract assembler node types:

Node entry Type Description
Ait_None This entry in the linked list is invalid (this should normally never occur)
Ait_Direct Direct output to the resulting assembler file (as string)
Ait_String Shortstring with a predefined length
Ait_Label Numbered assembler label used for jumps
Ait_Comment Assembler output comment
Ait_Instruction Processor specific instruction
Ait_DataBlock Unitialized data block (BSS)
Ait_Symbol Entry represents a symbol (exported, imported, or other public symbol type)

Possible symbol types : NONE, EXTERNAL, LOCAL and GLOBAL eg : A symbol followed by an Ait_const_32bit

Ait_Symbol_End Symbol end (for example the end of a routine)
Ait_Const_32bit Initialized 32-bit constant (without a symbol)
Ait_Const_16bit Initialized 16-bit constant (without a symbol)
Ait_Const_8bit Initialized 8-bit constant (without a symbol)
Ait_Const_symbol ????????????
Ait_Real_80bit (x86) Initialized 80-bit floating point constant (without symbol)
Ait_Real_64bit Initialized Double IEEE floating point constant (without symbol)
Ait_Real_32bit Initialized Single IEEE floating point constant (without symbol)
Ait_Comp_64bit (x86) Initialized 64-bit floating point integer (without symbol)
Ait_Align Alignment directive
Ait_Section Section directive
Ait_const_rva (Win32)
Ait_Stabn stabs debugging information (numerical value)
Ait_Stabs stabs debugging information (string)
Ait_Force_Line stabs debugging line information
Ait_Stab_Function_Name stabs debug information routine name
Ait_Cut Cut in the assembler files (used for smartlinking)
Ait_RegAlloc Debugging information for the register allocator
Ait_Marker ????????????
Ait_Frame (Alpha)
Ait_Ent (Alpha)
Ait_Labeled_Instruction (m68k)
Ait_Dummy Unused - should never appear