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Delphi style

Platform dependent


  • New system crossplatform.
    • os independent, but depends on CPU. Example targets i386-crossplatform ia64-crossplatform
  • OOP interface (ojpas interfaces based) between host executable and package RTL, extensible to communicate with concrete packages.
  • Host executable memory manager shared with package libs.
  • Package binary file format.
    • Require to be fully portable (not depends of target system and cpu)


  • How exceptions objects should be transfered between executable and packages?
  • The package binary format (ELF, FatELF based?)
  • Can RTTI help to access objects from exe by package and vice versa? Use only interfaces or macpas external objects?

Known issues

  • manually loaded binary must be copied to another location to mark memory executable. On XP SP2+ Vista SP1+ & win7 file mapping object could be created with execute permission.


  • Magic ELF ELF Loader (should run on win32 too)

Full crossplatform

  • some kind of byte code, like Java, CLR, LLVM

C++ style

  • Executable and its plugins shares same rtl in statically linked library (memory manager shared so classes and longstrings can be passed between modules).
  • Classes can be imported from dynamic library. It means that macpas extension should be enabled for "normal" classes and objects.
  • library should be shipped with set of include files, wich defines interface of exported symbols as .h files in c/c++ do.