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To-do / ideas

Breakpoint Window

  1. Show hint with line/context (function name)


  1. expressions' listview is editable but doesn't update the expression


  1. indentation after 'end;' (e.g. class declaration)

Find in Files

  1. eliminate duplicate MRU items (check whether the input in the combobox is a folder and add a trailing slash)
  2. better layout (small screen hides "include subdirs")
  3. implement search in project dependencies (packages), like "Rename Identifier" dialog


  1. add command "re-open last closed file"
  2. start bookmarks menu from 1 instead of 0
  3. bookmarks like in Visual Studio and Eclipse
  4. edit menu: move rarely-used actions into submenu
  5. rework MRU file list (if the number of open files is bigger than the size of MRU list, old files may take place of recently opened ones)
  6. implement automatic creation of exclusive configuration for each lazarus installation (create cfg folder based on version, lazarus folder, parent folder, etc. Configuration points to owner/last used installation. During startup, if conflicting cfg is found, allow using the existing cfg, or copying it, or start a new one)


  1., 7892: "CurClientRect:=Rect(0,0,1000,1000);" why 1000? why not MaxWord? what's the ideal fix?

Options Dialog

  1. tab order (the pagecontrol should be before the buttons)
  2. pagecontrol doesn't have scrollbars
  3. default shortcuts for "find next/previous word occurrence"
  4. editor options "caret beyond EOL" should read like the other options ("cursor")
  5. move keymap to main options
  6. editor/misc: align comboboxes right
  7. editor: change defaults: half page scroll, copy word on copy none
  8. editor: move "tab position" to tab "pages/windows"
  9. SelectWord shortcut should be ctrl+k ctrl+T (SelectLine too) (discussion in ML said this was inappropriate)
  10. keymap: better combobox behavior in shortcut editor (case insensitive, OnExit)
  11. keymap: include bookmark shortcuts
  12. editor: does anybody use "show special chars" if not momentarily?


  1. compilation error if source path is not set
  2. "save as" doesn't remove .pas
  3. implement multi-select in the treeview
  4. implement keyboard shorcuts (Silvio provided a patch in mantis)

Project Options

  1. project groups
  2. pass custom environment to the compiler (useful for passing values to be printed with {$i %ENV_VAR%})
  3. multiple (manageable) sessions/workspaces per project


  1. Show hint with context (function name)


  1. add command "undo or redo up to saved state"
  2. add clipboard history
  3. highlight/mark only whole words (disable if there's selection)