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I am from Finland. I joined the project at 2009, first fixing bugs. My biggest contribution then was a new version of the Configure Build Lazarus dialog. I remember I had to make many versions of it and wait until it got accepted. The patch was big and it was a challenge to solve the merge conflicts for rapidly changing Lazarus trunk.

Then I started to maintain the Delphi converter and got limited write access to the SVN repository. When improving the converter I had to study and understand codetools which are used for parsing pascal sources.

Later I got full write access and could fix things all around Lazarus.

After getting the Delphi converter into a reasonably good condition I have concentrated on 2 things:

  • Fixed bugs around Lazarus, both in IDE and in LCL
  • Improving different GUIs in the IDE, and adding some new GUI dialogs.

The GUI improvements include FilterEdit controls that can be connected to a ListBox or to a TreeView. A version for ListView will be implemented later. Visual containers in Lazarus IDE can easily be filtered.

I also improved Finnish translation. It is almost complete now.

In future I will continue polishing user interfaces in the IDE. They are designed by the programmers and it shows in some places as geeky, unintuitive usability.