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My name is Júnior and I'm a student of Computer Science on Federal University of Paraná in Brazil. Actually, I'm developing a program to share information and files (you can see a [uggly] screenshot at but I'm devoting to study of Java, ASM and C++.

My actually interests are Neural Networks.

My Project(s)

In the beginning of year (2007) I was developing LMDI... A suite based in MultiDoc component (for true, the project is MultiDoc 0.3 version :) to simulate MDI for Lazarus, but Lazarus 0.9.20 has a bug, and I could'nt continue my work =[ (because I had small time for it too). In Lazarus 0.9.22 the bug was fixed, but I back to programming in Lazarus only in 0.9.24 version. I tested my component in this version, and it works nice :). But I'm writing an example to component, and this example doesn't work nice [yet].

An screenshot of it is available here