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Name: Christopher Kirkpatrick

E-mail: chris.kirkpatrick at

Has used the alias ChrisKirk for some of the pages on the wiki.

An MD with a strong Lab/Research background (I was the fist kid on the block to have a lab computer back in the 1960s, and ran early versions of Pascal on the Commodore PET and UCSD Pascal on the Apple II)

Has programmed in Pascal for fun, and for Lab/Clinical data applications; has played with Delphi and Kylix. Now trying to push forward with Documentation for Lazarus.

At work (alas) I was stuck with a Windows system that didn't allow installation of 'funny' programs like the FreePascal compiler or Lazarus IDE, however there were ways around that .....!

I am now retired from medical research, and hope to spend more time with Lazarus and FreePascal