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I'm russian Delphi programmer.

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Where would cost to develop Delphi instead of where it is developing now

That's what we developers really need? I've just today thought - throw a few letters, at comments first, and then decided that it pulls to the post:

First, I am terribly annoyed that all development under Windows is once again trying to transplant a level away from hardware. Cram more thick pads between the application software and processor, between software and operating systems. IMHO, the closer to the native code is necessary to strive towards the gland closer to the OS! Go to any hardware to any OS. We need to develop an Object Pascal as alternative to C++, which differs advanced means OOP, syntactic sugar, which we like Pascal, a powerful IDE and family fast one-pass compiler. Addition, it requires advanced integration capabilities with third-party libraries. This, compared to C, is not enough. Around many libraries, any interpreters that only do not know how, but for Delphi library today nothing find, and as a result of known difficulty doing himself. And then remodel to update API. For it - generators thin wrappers are needed. I have Lazarus hack called pas2h, but it must develop Well, and then integrate! Would deal with them as well? .. And even better - to try to understand and make transparent use of the modules in the same project in different languages ​​- in particular, the direct connection of h-file libraries. I am sure that the linker can be done so that he would have to deal with it.

Inline assembler - was it ... inline Assembler inserts now impossible, you can only make whole procedure. Why? .. nobody knows. Should be returned to him, and to develop, document (documentation for inline assembler does never happened!) Do support all current instruction set processors and coprocessors!

Tools to integrate external compilers instead of its own. Change the compiler - for different platforms from different vendors. For example, I saw that Intel made ​​optimizing compiler for its processors - it would be great to be able to use it to program in Delphi.

Includes built-syntactic means need access not only to the dll (it is a long time and it is good), and through them to the ActiveX ( that is too long, but not as nicely decorated as it might be), but also to libraries. net, Unix, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc. - In general, support platform-making libraries. Although, I do not see how it is decorated for FireMonkey, can it already and there is ... But it is strange that this is not about the buzz at all angles louder than the buzz about itself FireMonkey. But about the opportunity to use the power of native Delphi library. Net I did not hear.

Accordingly, those funds would be true of a wrapper API for core libraries .net, Cocoa, iOS, Android SDK, to the X Window System, etc. Perhaps generated onfly those generators thin wrappers, which I said above... and documentation for them could be linked to from any source, both local and online.

Top of them, such as the level of abstraction VCL - a thin wrapper to Qt or even Qt port for Delphi. As an alternative to VCL, patients with hereditary diseases, complicated strings feature packages to packages enjoyed herself IDE. There should be support for changing the design of forms and the storage format of these forms should be independent of the code design and code base library development environment to allow the designer to use a modified or no VCL VCL.

Should be two-way online conversion code and forms into anything, plug in over the open API, and not just something built into the chart ModelMaker. In particular, I think it is possible to have on the fly to convert the code, not only in C + + code and vice versa (which, incidentally, is one of the finest options for implementing the import h-files) and the assembly language (both useful and for third-party compilers like GNU and Intel's), but also directly into the executable binary code that is compiled to do on the fly, so to run the linker could only work by discarding unused and creating executable file.

And by the way here, assembly and distribution packages for different platforms - also plug that the community can participate in the expansion of spheres of influence.

Question is - what and how to sell? What could be a successful strategy of monetizing this project? Lazarus with FreePascal out catching up, and in theory can also do it all...