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G.E. Ozz Nixon Jr.

  • Born: 1966 Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, spent Teenage years growing up in West Germany
  • Email: ozzn at
  • Web Address: (Brain Patchwork DX, LLC),
  • Founder of Brain Patchwork DX, LLC. authors of DXSock, DXServers, DXInternet and DXJavaScript.
  • IRC Nick: SqZ, co-founder of LightSpeed
  • Original Co-Author of Winshoes with Chad Hower


Jan 2008 (tested with Laz 9.24 and FPC 2.2)

  • Compilers: FPC Windows/Linux, along with Delphi 2 through latest, and Kylix 1 to 3

DXString - Common Core Code, mostly written in high-speed 32bit Assembly

DXData - Core Memory Dataset, developed so we could release our demos with a nice DB interface

DXSock - Core Cross Platform Socket Layer Wrapper, Ancestor Client and Server

Currently being tested in Linux:

DXServers - Over 40 Internet Protocols, self-threading - you just implement the events!

DXAddons - Over 100 Components useful for Internet Client and Server Development

DXJavaScript - True ECMA-262 Rev 3 Implementation - Fully Integrates with RTTI of OOP!

DXCodeTracer - Move Over CODESIGHT - Trace your code, from anywhere in the world!

* Winshock Products are OPEN SOURCE TO OUR CUSTOMERS

Winshock Web Server - HTTP Server, Written over the past 8 years

Winshock Newsgroup Server - NNTP Server, Written over the past 8 years

More to come... once our account is setup, you will find all of our code on the SVN server!