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I remember, I once ran a openBSP demo compiled with lazarus on windows and it worked. But that was before this repo was created and I never tried it again since. (IIRC that was included in the LazarusGlSceneBSP-AllInOne package from skinhat, see )

However, try it and send patches ;-)

ps: discussion about glscene for lazarus takes places in the #glscene channel on IRC ..

regards --Crossbuilder 19:45, 16 February 2008 (CET)

    • I already found the OpenBSP part. But any project file there doesn't seem to be ported since all of them are in Delphi format. It is impossible to compile the command line compiler, the gui compiler, the gui viewer without heavy modifications. But then you tell me you already compiled this part with Lazarus long time ago and skinhat also seems to be successful in compiling all of this. So I feel rather confused.

When I downloaded skinhats package before I noticed the code he provides does not differ much from the sources from the SVN repo. Seems to me he compiled the gui compiler/gui viewer with Delphi though. Unfortunately the pre compiled applications fail to run here.

I will check this again if I have more time. If I am sure that I got the latest code available for OpenBSP/Lazarus abilities I am willing to try to port this. Since I am a port newbie though I think this will lead to a great failure. However.

regards --BrainChemistry 00:07, 22 February 2008 (CET)