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Record: Variable structure

Single was used as identifier in a set! This is not recommended in Pascal. So I changed all identifiers in set 'maritalStates' to be prefixed with 'ms_'.

Response from User:Kai_Burghardt for undoing this change: keep it simple [and Pascal does not define “single”, so there’s no reason not to name an identifier like that]

  1. Take a look at Record#Variable_structure and you notice that single is colored red. So this item has a meaning in pascal formatting. This is not good in an example, because noone should wonder why a maritalState is related to ObjectPascal.
  2. Take a look at Data_type#Floating-point_types: in freepascal real is platform dependent. I would not recommend to use it. In the whole unit math you wouldn't find any real. Also Single is defined in fpc/3.0.4/source/rtl/win64/system.pp according to Lazarus hint, although you are free to redefine it as it is done here. Also not good in an example. And then you should at least mention it.
  3. If you paste the example in a new application and define somewhere:
    Income : Single;
    the user gets: Error in type definition. Why would you introduce a source of unexplainable errors to new users?
  4. Also it's good practice to prefix your enumerated type identifiers like: bsSolid, vk_Escape, pf32bit. Why not show good programming style to new users?
  5. There is nothing simple in not using the last mentioned point. Instead, this would improve the readibility of the code - that is simple.