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What is WCHTTPServer

WCHTTPServer is an HTTP/2 + HTTP 1.1 + WebSocket server written in Free Pascal.

WCHTTPServer logo

The project builds on the fcl-web library and extends it to increase functionality:

  • Client management using cookies (saving and maintaining sessions).
  • Saving information about clients and sessions in SQLite database.
  • Saving information about the latest requests and saving logs in SQLite database.
  • Multithreading preparation and execution of requests based on thread pools e.g. helpful classes to work with EventSources.
  • Client rankings based on the frequency of client requests.
  • Built-in support for gzip and deflate compression methods including decompression of client-side requests.
  • WebSocket protocol supported.
  • Ability to start the server both in HTTP/2 mode and in HTTP 1.1 mode.
  • Modified OpenSSL modules (added necessary TLS extensions) in order to create and maintain HTTP/2 connections.
  • Added the ability to save the master key and a random set of client data on the server-side (necessary for debugging TLS dumps using WireShark).
  • Works under both Windows and Linux.


  • Ilya Medvedkov


  • GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1