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Xcode (not XCode) is a unified Apple IDE for OS X and iOS development.

It must be installed on OS X (not OSX) in order to get all build utils, which FPC depends on.

Xcode 5.0

Apple removed "gdb" from it's binary utils. Lazarus is currently only able to use "gdb" as an external debugger. "Gdb" should be installed from the third party.

Xcode 7.0

  • If after updating to Xcode 7 your projects fail to compile and you are using FPC 2.6.4 (or earlier), change your debug info type from "Automatic" to "Dwarf". Apple's assembler no longer supports .Stabs debug information (which is used by default on i386).
    • If your project is using packages you might need to switch these packages debug info to Dwarf as well. There're two ways to do that.
1. Change each package debug info. Open Project -> Project Inspector. For each package listed under "Required Packages", double-click on a package (to open package dialog), select "Options" and change debug info type under "Debugging" section
2. You can add the setting as a custom option for all packages used in the project. As show in the example on this page. But instead of using "-dSomeValue" put "-gw"
  • Alternatively you could download the previous version 6.4
    • Download Xcode 6.4, and change the folder name to Xcode6.4 before copy to /Application
    • So you have two Xcode applications now, so switch your command line tools to using the ones from Xcode6.4:
# sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode6.4.app
  • more to come for ARM (iOS) target.

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